Combo Machine Offers Efficiency with Big Power


Published in the Cleaner   |   August 2018

In the world of municipal sewer cleaning, efficiency is important. Increasing efficiency without sacrificing performance or power, though, can often prove difficult. The Titan dual-engine combination machine from Vac-Con is designed to attack those difficulties head-on.

The Titan, a truck-mounted combination machine, boasts a Dual Engine Drive System with Aeroboost Q Drive, which are upgraded hydrostatic and auxiliary drive systems that operate the vacuum and water functions, help lower noise emissions, and substantially reduce overall fuel consumption without sacrificing power.

“It’s a design that we’ve actually had in development for five years,” says Mike Selby, inside sales manager at Vac-Con. “It’s designed to provide the same high vacuum power that our customers are used to, but at lower revolutions per minute.”

The unit includes enhanced twin cyclonic separators, one located on each side of the truck, and is designed to optimize efficiency and filtration. The Aeroboost three-stage fan balances airflow, resulting in less turbulence and more power.

“Our goal was to build a system that came in under 100 dB of sound, and this unit was recorded at 96 dB,” Selby says. “That makes it a great fit for work in residential areas, as it’s going to be less disruptive than a typical combination unit.”

In addition, an upgraded water system features 1 1/4-inch plumbing and ball valves. Its Aarcomm wireless remote is an integrated enhancement for use with the Omnibus Precision Power control system, designed to improve usability and efficiency. “It’s a control system that allows the user to interface with everything via joystick,” Selby says.

Other features include an upgraded hose reel swivel, 10-foot telescopic boom, 180-degree rotating articulating hose reel that can fit 600 feet of 1-inch hose, a flat industrial-style rear door, segmented boom elbow, electronic water level indicator with lights, a stainless steel debris tank level indicator, debris body flush-out, a splash shield, mainframe deck coating, a quarter-turn water tank drain valve, rear bumper with additional storage, hinged boom tie-down, aluminum toolboxes, Lazy Susan pipe rack, HD water system valve manifold, and a 2,000 psi water pump. It is available with an optional PD blower with multiple ratings up to 28 inches Hg and 6,000 cfm. Units can be ordered in 11-, 12- or 16-cubic yard capacities.

“We’re excited to see how this unit stacks up in the industry,” Selby says. “We’re excited by the reaction so far.” 

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