How your city can prepare for Storm Cleanup

September 9, 2019

Petersen Spotlight: Grapple Trucks

Storms are sweeping through towns and littering streets with trees and heavy debris. The best way to prepare for storms is to have a plan in place after the storm passes.

Disaster relief can look different to each town: cleaning out ditches, roadkill, heavy logs, appliances, etc. The one constant in storm cleanup is the need for a grapple truck, specifically from Petersen Industries.

Petersen Industries provides a number of different grapple trucks to help your city streets remain clear and safe. The most popular and versatile unit, the TL3, can lift up to 3,200 lbs when the boom is fully extended at 20 feet and 7,100 lbs at 10 feet. Trees, couches, branches, refrigerators, and other bulk waste is no match for this unit. Aside from the TL3 model, Petersen has many variations of the grapple truck that will fit your city and its needs.

More information on the TL3 can be found here.

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