New Staff Welcomed to all Facilities

September 9, 2019

Best Equipment Company welcomes several new staff members to the Service and Parts departments of our Indianapolis, Cleveland, and Louisville facilities. Best Equipment is committed to investing in and growing our staff to provide quality service to all customers. We are proud and excited to welcome:

Mark Arakelian, Cleveland Technician

Frank Boergert, Cleveland Envirosight Technician

Tim Hamilton, Indianapolis Technician

Armando Jimenez, Indianapolis Wash Bay Technician

Adam Pearch, Road Service Technician

Chris Stallings, Louisville Parts Associate

All three Best Equipment locations have full-service facilities and trained staff to assist with service and parts. Our Service Department is available for all of your needs: welding, fabrication, electrical repair, unit refurbishment, and more. A list of all services available can be found here.

Our Parts Department has countless parts in stock and provides same-day shipping via UPS, more info here.

Best Equipment Company offers municipal and contractor solutions for Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio. Our partners include Envirosight, Galfab, John Bean, Labrie, Leach, Madvac, ODB and Xtreme Vac, Perkins, Petersen, Ring-O-Matic, Toter, TYMCO, Vacall, Vac-Con, Wittke, Xcavator, and more. Contact us today for a demo, quote, or questions at 800-372-BEST.

Interested in working for Best Equipment? Check out our careers page.

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